Wyvern Lingo have been writing music together since they met at age 11. They originally bonded over hand-me-down albums of Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel along with the R’n’B of the 90s/00s that then dominated the radio. Their music stitches together this tapestry of influences, all united by their chilling vocal harmonies.

“We are three individuals whose lives are inextricably linked. We know each other inside and out and can’t lie or fake it in front of each other, so our lyrics are awash with honesty.”



Wyvern Lingo bring their stories together on their self-titled debut album. They say - “We were trying to find a title that would capture a glimpse into our world, what better way than to self- title the album. This is us. ”

Their debut album went to number 1 on the Independent Irish Charts, and the Irish itunes charts and has been chosen as one of the Top 10 albums of 2018 according to the Irish Times and Hot Press.

2018 has been incredible for Wyvern Lingo, with highlights including their Irish, UK and German tours, as well as opening the legendary Grace Jones in Trinity College Dublin in July.

“It adds up to an album as narratively deep as it is musically chunky. How often does a new artist surface with a collection of tracks that would sound comfortable on a throwback cassette tape mix while still sounding fresh-to-death?” The Irish Times

“It’s evident, from the way in which the band communicate with each-other on stage, that they have been playing together for years. They seem to be so in tune with one another that they’re capable of predicting each-others’ next move without a side-wards glance.” Goldenplec

“It's this ultra modern sensibility which informs this easy to love debut album.” Hot Press


“These songs are a collection of experiences both separate and shared. Experiences that shape how we view the world, and how we’ve come to terms with the way our lives have unfolded.”